Your 30-SmartPoints-a-day menu plan

Wondering what you’ll eat on SmartPoints? Here’s a sample day we created (and taste-tested) to give you some sweet and savoury meal ideas that are sure to keep you satisfied.  And it all adds up to 30 SmartPoints!


Wake up to a delicious breakfast! Quick-and-easy prep, with high scores on the yummy factor; Scrambled egg breakfast pizza, 6 SP

fruit cheese and nut plate

Grab this great go-to snack; Fruit, cheese and nut plate, 3 SP

ranch chicken salad

Oh yeah, lunch time!  Lots of colours and lots of protein in this Ranch chicken salad, 7 SP

carrot slices with guacamole

Don’t forget to get a snack in! Power through the afternoon with Guacamole with carrots, 1 SP

steak dinner

Serve up this fine Steak dinner, 9 SP

Make a simple dessert that tastes super special; Egg custard, 4 SP