How To Completely Detox From Sugar The Right Way (lose weight, headaches, pain & feel better)

Sugar Detox Drinks

Eliminating sugary drinks from your diet is a sure-fire way to beat the addiction.

Replacing sugary fruit juices with detox waters and healthy hot concoctions will boost your detox efforts and won’t deprive you of your beverage intake.

    • Detox water: Slice or chop one of these fruits – grapefruits, blueberries, strawberries or oranges – as well as some fresh rosemary or mint, and add them to a medium-size mason jar of filtered water. Store and drink it every day.
    • Tea: Drink unsweetened herbal or green tea 3 times daily.
    • Coffee: Drink no more than 1 cup of unsweetened black coffee daily.

Things to Remember:

  • Stay away from products like honey, agave nectar, maple syrup and all forms of artificial sweeteners to avoid binging. If you are exposed to even a small amount of sugar, you will want more and more.
  • Fight the cravings. It will be a challenge, so buckle up!
  • Replace fast-carbohydrate foods, such as white bread and fruit juices, with slow-carbohydrate foods like whole grains. They will regulate the release of sugar in your bloodstream, preventing a sugar overload and consequent cravings.
  • Always cook with extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Consume 2 ounces of nuts and seeds every day. Be sure you include flaxseeds and walnuts.
  • Eat 1 large bowl of cooked green vegetables every day. You have to keep the nutrients and micronutrients coming in when battling an addiction.
  • Try to consume a large serving of green salad every day and make sure to choose a healthy dressing.
  • Eat at least ½ cup of beans, including chickpeas and lentils, daily. Not many people know that including beans in a meal is known to reduce sugar cravings by the next meal.
  • Drink plenty of water. It’s always good for you!

A Way Forward

After you successfully complete this three-day detox plan, you will have significantly curbed your sugar dependence.

You depression, fatigue and headaches will begin to wear off and you will realize you can survive without a daily sugar fix!

The next step is talking to your nutritionist or doctor to figure out a longer diet plan to keep the sugar addiction at bay, while gradually incorporating healthier forms of sugar (such as fruits, dry fruits and a variety of low-sugar desserts) in your daily diet.

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