Crock Pot Black-eyed Peas & Ham

Easy, very tasty and wonderful with cornbread! Feeds at least 8- 10 people and no one goes away unsatisfied – Enjoy!


2 pkg 1 lb bags of dried black-eyed peas
2 medium chopped onion
2 box 32 oz boxes of chicken broth
2 bay leaves
1 can(s) rotel -28oz original or flavor of your preference, i use rotel with habeneros!
1 ham bone with some meat still on it.
2 c bite sized chunks of ham
1 Tbsp garlic powder


1. Rinse peas, drain and place in crock pot. Pour in chicken broth and add water to bring liquid just to the top of the peas. Bury the ham bone down into the peas. (If you don’t have a bone I use chunks of ham and it works just as well)
2. Add the chopped onion, bay leaves, can of Rotel tomoatoes, garlic powder.
3. Cover and set crock pot to low for 8 hrs. At that time, remove bone, remove any meat from the bone, cut into bite sized pieces and add more from any left over ham that was cut off the bone before cooking. Recover and continue to cook for 2 more hours. Remove bay leaves, serve with corn bread & Enjoy!
4. ps – if you do not use a ham bone and have only chunks of ham then just cook on low for 10 hrs and increase amount of ham to about 3 cups.
5. I use a 6 qt crockpot and it is full when all ingredients are added. If you are having trouble with room in the pot you can adjust the liquid to less.