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Buy flector patch kit (or if you've already bought the flector patch kit, you can save 50% off the price by getting flector patch kit, just tell us in the notes on checkout which kit you're getting.) The flector patch kit includes: 2 x 10k flector pads 1 x 10k flector patch 4 x 12x10k flector pads 4 x 24x12x10k flector pads The first 6 pads are made from our own Flector Plugs that are 1m long and 0.5mm thick, with a hardness of 5N, they'll last for years and are as hard wearing our flector screws. Plugs are sold as a pack of six with 12 to 14 pairs per pack. The first 2 pads are 2mm long and 0.9mm thick, made from standard 1.5mm copper pipe, the plating on these is same stuff you can pick up in your hardware store, it's used to protect electrical cabling between the PCBs in your components, this is very durable stuff and will protect the copper on pads. These are used as the main power control pads (2.75mm x 2mm) and are also a good bit harder than the other 10k flector pads. These pads are also used to control the other flector pads and are 2.5 mm x 2mm with a hardness of 5N and with slightly different plating than the flector pad pads. These are sold on a pack of six. The 2nd (and last) flector patch is a 1.5mmx4mm square and very hard wearing, you can read more about this here. You can buy these pre made or as part of our kit so you can order these for less, or as you need them. The first 4 are a bit more difficult to source as they're usually made and sold by small hardware electronic parts retailers so can cost an extra 3% of the price kit, which will be covered by you! There are no extra shipping costs for the first batch so if you don't need any of the other pads just select 'no pad' on checkout then email us and we'll get you an email when all the pads are gone! The 3rd flector patch is a 1.5mm x 4mm square and is used to control the second flector pad. You can get these from us as part of the kit or custom made when you need them. This will come in handy as when working with some of our more complicated designs you might find those flector pads a bit hard to get working at first. This is a very tough square pad and Online cialis purchase will hold up very well over the long term and will have a hardness of at least 6N which is harder than the standard 2n copper used in solder pads. For more information you can read here. The last flector patch is a 1.5mm x 6mm square and is used for the third flector pad, you will need this for the final stage. These are also known as 'pulsed' plates, the small holes inside edge of the large square pad allow you to get some pulsed power in from the left hand side to right of the board give you correct alignment for the components underneath. You can order these from us for 10% below.

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