Transform your baby’s clothes into cherished ‘Memory Bears.’ Here’s how

There are certain outfits that your children have worn that you just will never forget. It seems like such a pity to get rid of those outfits once their outgrown. Well, you don’t have to!

Well, you don’t have to!

Crafty mamas and artisans have come up with an ingenious way to preserve those outfits forever. They’re turning them into memory animals by filling the outfits with stuffing and sewing them into animals like bears or elephants.

Source: ImaginationAcresLLC

Not only are they super duper cute but you can give them to your children when they get older to give to their kids. If you’re looking to make your own memory animals, you can search Etsy for some ideas here.

ImaginationAcresLLC used a onesie with those cute little bunny feet to create this memory bear above.

Source: CrazyLeggies

Sometimes parents will end up with two of the same items if you register at a store for your baby shower. If so, you can make a bear so your baby has a friend that matches. The bear above is made by CrazyLeggies.

Is this one below with a turtle on his tush not the cutest!?!?!

Source: ImaginationAcresLLC

Or this insanely adorable elephant.

Source: Nestling Kids

You don’t need to use a onesie, you can use pajamas, an infancy blanket, or the outfit they came home from the hospital in. This precious owl was made from a shirt.

Source: NestlingKids

If you’re not the crafty type, you can order one on Etsy which requires you to mail your outfit to the artist. But if you want to give it a whirl you can find the instructions and tutorial here.

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